About Us

Nature gets it right, so we get it from nature. We bake sweets with quality ingredients and seasonal products from local growers. We specialize in providing delicious desserts with gluten-free options.

My Story

Sarah is a wildlife biologist and self-taught home baker. She has a passion for animal conservation and research, earning her Ph.D. in wildlife ecology after spending several years as a globetrotting field researcher. Throughout university and field work, Sarah developed a love for creating delicious desserts with unique flavors and seasonal ingredients. More recently, she has dedicated her time to developing gluten-free desserts using almond, coconut, rice, and oat flours to provide tasty sweets to those that are gluten-sensitive.

Sarah is a native of Oakland, California and now lives in Beaufort, South Carolina. When she is not baking, Sarah is a full-time wildlife biologist working toward finding ways to conserve and manage imperiled species. Good science and quality sweets are important to Sarah, so one way she gives back is by donating a portion of the proceeds from her baking to organizations that conduct wildlife research. Let’s make everyday better with sweets.